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Golf umbrella, umbrella, let you not afraid of wind and rain, all the way forward

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-04
Style has a lot of golf umbrella, straight rod is usually common hand open golf umbrella, straight rod automatically golf umbrella, automatic golf umbrella and twenty percent. Golf umbrella can be a single, double, also can be false double, innovative design. Golf umbrella main characteristic is the umbrella size, ordinary umbrella in 21 inches, about 23 inches, the size of the golf umbrella in 27 inches, about 30 inches, 2 - on rainy days 3 people at the same time hold an umbrella don't have any problem, never afraid of the wet. Many people will use when playing golf golf umbrella, used in rain or sun, fully staffed, and strong practicability. Double umbrella surface design is not easy to drive, hold an umbrella. Sun, golf umbrella also can give you a piece of a cool place, let you better enjoy the fun of golf. Although golf umbrella can be rain, also can shade sunscreen, but we don't usually call golf umbrella umbrella, because the general characteristic of the umbrella can't satisfy the golf. Golf umbrella work feel is very good, its strong let you have a kind face grade 12 typhoons can stand still, whether it's umbrella cloth, high-grade lighting strike the glass fiber in the bar, as well as a umbrella give golf umbrella better toughness, the handle is also very comfortable. Yi xin
Over the years, has become very popular as more and more people are trying it out.
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