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Golf umbrella, umbrella to block the rain, the typhoon is coming, you need a big umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-07
Living in coastal friend, is no stranger to the typhoon, must be the storm, when the typhoon this year the 14th typhoon 'Capricorn' at 12 night landing in zhejiang coastal somewhere, influenced by its, 12, 13, jiangsu, anhui and other parts of the province rain lasted two days, the guangdong coastal also affected by the rain. Heavy rain weather travel must be very inconvenient, whether to choose what kind of traffic tools, the umbrella is of less than not. In fact, we don't want to such distress and exaggerated, 27 inches on common market 30 inches golf umbrella, umbrella diameter of 1. 21. 3 meters, enough to cope with all sorts of typhoon and storm our yi xin production golf umbrella, adding a more humane safety design, on the edge of the umbrella outside increased safety reflective patches in a circle, can make you more secure in a stormy night.
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