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Golf umbrella, zhefengdangyu you not for others, who will lift you up in the top of the head

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-08
Since the successful research and development, and folding umbrella, loved by consumers, because of its light simple practical, durable, portable cabinet contains basic all advantages, but still can't replace the position of the golf umbrella in the umbrella species. This is why, to have a depth of eight golf umbrella today. 1. The size of the golf umbrella is usually at 25 32 inches between, because the golf umbrella is often used in outdoor sports, to face a variety of weather, this size folding umbrella or conventional straight rod umbrella is unattainable, so the first sense that people get the golf umbrella is 'good big ah ~' super a sense of security. 2. Durability of golf umbrella, because the umbrella surface size is big, the overall umbrella will lay particular stress on, so the golf umbrella umbrella high quality requirements, are generally do all glass fiber umbrella and rods, the characteristics of glass fiber is sturdy and durable, no rust, good toughness, and that's why golf umbrella is so strong and durable. 3. Then there is the appearance of the golf umbrella upscale atmosphere, business rocks, often in high-grade villas, golf umbrella club, the club or receive important occasions arise, enough to prove that his appearance. It is because the golf umbrella has so many advantages, can be standing in an umbrella species, let a person fondle admiringly!
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