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Greatly umbrella umbrellas, rounded umbrellas, small characters

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-16
As 5. 20 long gone and June is coming. That means that the June 1 children's day is coming. For the running of the three I, this is a wonderful memories. Now engaged in the work has been for several years, before I suddenly thought of to do the umbrella we hold the umbrella as a child. Before we are on a rainy day, and our grandma and grandpa in the kind of umbrella, walking in the rain the picture is like this. Or is such a small person hold up big umbrella ~ the pictures looked a little naught. There have been a kind of umbrella - designed for children Umbrellas. Umbrellas are specially designed for children under the age of 14, an umbrella, so for children, hold up an umbrella will be more convenient. And now also very fashionable and beautiful umbrellas. Blended in a lot of cartoon style. And there are also specialized in umbrella design for children. Yi xin specially designed for children of the rounded umbrellas; A suitable umbrella ~ little angels
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