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Have you ever seen a rechargeable umbrella with a fan?

Have you ever seen a rechargeable umbrella with a fan?


The fan umbrella, a popular and current trend in the world, has already let everyone know that the speed of current social development is far beyond our imaginable range. Take the fan umbrella, the high technology, in the motor operation of the fan umbrella. The speed has to go through countless tests before it can be exported or delivered. Fan umbrella, as the name implies, is an extension of the umbrella in our daily lives. Maybe we are still worried about sweating in the hot summer, but the appearance of the fan umbrella means that we are "liberated" from the hard days.

Fan umbrella.png

The types of fan umbrellas are also diverse

1. Safety rotating fan umbrella

This kind of umbrella will automatically rotate when it encounters others and any obstacles, and will not cause harm to others and the umbrella, reduce the trouble of consumers in the process of using the umbrella, and make travel more enjoyable.

 2. Rotating fan umbrella (for rain or shine)

On the basis of the safety rotating umbrella, the function of a fan is added, which is suitable for sun umbrellas and all kinds of parasols. When the fan is turned on under the scorching sun, the cool breeze will make people feel more comfortable. The umbrella is set to automatically cut off the power supply, which is safe and energy-saving. The lower nest adopts a safe, rotatable, bowless lower nest, which can be opened and closed at will, which is safe and convenient.

 3.Double windproof

The double layer is made of high-quality FRP material, no joints, and the umbrella surface can be replaced. The double layer effect is truly windproof, sunshade and rainproof. It is more scientific and environmentally friendly than ordinary patio umbrellas, and has a long service life, saving customers' investment costs. At the same time, it also increases the utilization rate of customers.

Next, let me learn more about the fan umbrella

1. Double switch, net gauze isolation net, to prevent the fan from contacting the human body, ensuring 100% safety

Double switch fan umbrella.png

2. Grade A glass fiber bone, strong toughness, wind resistance, can be bent 180 degrees

glass fiber bone.png

3. High-density water repellent, good extensibility, high tensile strength, the lotus leaf effect is used to repel water from the root of the umbrella surface, the umbrella cloth does not touch water, and it will not penetrate into the umbrella.

water repellent umbrella.jpg

4. The handle is made of high-quality materials, and the grip is comfortable, and the fan can be turned on by lightly touching the finger

fan umbrella handle.jpg

5. The bottom of the handle is a place where the battery can be installed, which is convenient and quick. It can be used when the battery is removed and replaced when the battery is dead.

battery umbrella.jpg

The most common fan umbrellas are straight hand-opening fan umbrellas, straight-pole automatic fan umbrellas, and two-fold self-opening fan umbrellas. Because the umbrellas are large, they are often more for a ride. After a strong wind, the strength is lower. It is often unstable and more and more user-friendly design. This problem has been better solved. The traditional umbrella surface has been improved. The common practice is to make the umbrella surface double-layer, and the lower layer of the umbrella The top of the surface is vented, and then the upper layer is covered on the lower layer, which is larger than the ventilation hole and just covers it. The upper and lower layers are stitched with a small amount of needlework. When in normal use, rainwater cannot enter the inside of the umbrella, and the wind blows. When I came over, the top of the surplus was drained out. Therefore, it is very important to choose a fan umbrella.

Although the fan umbrella does bring us benefits, it also has some disadvantages.And there are still a few points to pay attention to during use

1.First install the battery, open the golf fan umbrella, and then press the umbrella head button to open it twice. There is nothing broken when confirming the button. 

2. While opening the golf fan umbrella, press the button to turn the fan, turn off the umbrella but do not turn off the button. Switch on and off 3 times in a row. In this way, we know whether the fan has bad contact.

3. When the button of the golf fan umbrella is turned on, the umbrella body will shake when the fan rotates.

 4. The sound made when the golf fan rotates is loud.

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