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Heavy rain is special umbrella, golf umbrella, hero - in the rain I am born to heavy rain

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-13
Previously, all of a sudden downpour of some areas in jiangsu changzhou, let many pedestrians were caught off-guard, but there is a wayward driver high-profile, because he is in the rain, carrying umbrellas open convertible! According to passers-by to describe the driver driving a porsche roadster walking in the rain, with two umbrellas and surprisingly, it's been very capricious. Is now in the summer, the weather is a rain or shine, one moment is clear, after a second perhaps rain cats and dogs. So a dedicated heavy rain umbrella is especially valuable, can be at a critical moment for you from the rain. Golf umbrella in my mind is strong, steady heavy, atmosphere, and reliable, and can be at a critical moment for you hold up a piece of the sky of the umbrella, is completely can keep out rain, it is heavy rain for umbrella. 27 inches of big umbrella surface can three people at the same time carries an umbrella, zhefengdangyu for your friend, fiber umbrella and the bar, all of them, and give you a reliable shoulder, with your knowledge of the forces of nature, delicate wood bending or EVA handle comfortable handle unexpected sweet and atmosphere for you. Golf umbrella is born to heavy rain, heavy rain umbrella, yi xin professional custom in high-grade umbrella, golf umbrella, straight rod umbrella is our popular styles, welcome to customize!
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