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High-end umbrellas customized for your interpretation of the high-end umbrella order process

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-25
Yi xin on high-end umbrellas for you order process is humongous, spectacular, sometimes the sun is shining, sometimes rains cats and dogs and you on the road, for the way of life. You wind and rain, yi xin know all. The long life and yi xin, wind and rain for you, just hope that under the umbrella of you, no matter sunny cloudy rainy day, can open a flap of colour, blossom a mood. Then we said to you about the high-end umbrellas custom-made process, let it be eaten pork, also see the pig run. First make a brief introduction of our yi xin: a diagram to visually display the umbrella order process: to sum up, dear friends need to customize the high-end umbrellas, we need to know two customers' usage scenarios, their industry, gift category 'umbrella customization requirements' quantity, price, printing process 'comprehensive above factors, the custom demand is also made clear that the next us here to give you free design draft, accounting accurate prices, arrange proofing, confirm do goods, inspection, packaging outbound, of course, very important point: after-sales service!
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