Yixin umbrella specialized in customized automatic umbrella,reverse umbrella more than 20 years,is a professional custom umbrella manufacturers.

How many years of experience does YiXin have in producing new umbrella ?
New umbrella has been exquisitely made by Quanzhou YiXin Umbrella Co.,Ltd. for several years. We have obtained mature and state-of-art techniques through research and development for these years and they prove to be applicable and feasible to improve the product performances such as long-term usability, reliability, and practicability. We also do better in servicing providing as we have encountered numerous problems related to goods shipment, warranty, customization and so on. Now, we are known as the most experienced manufacturer in the global markets by our customers.

Founded many years ago, YiXin is a Chinese company specializing in cheap umbrellas designing and manufacturing. We are known for our superb work. YiXin's fold umbrella series contains multiple sub-products. This product is able to retain its cleanness. Since it has no cracks or holes, the bacteria, viruses, or other germs are hard to build upon its surface. This product is the perfect solution to your stormy day. This product is great for outside uses. It is the best option for people when they go camping or traveling to a remote vacation home where there is no electricity. This product helps block 99% of the harmful UVA and UVB from the sun.

Since establishment, we have been strictly complying with market operating standards, and adhere to a social value system that features harmonious relationships between business and society.
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