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How much do you know about the safety of children with umbrellas?

How much do you know about the safety of children with umbrellas?


Today we want to talk about the safety of children with umbrellas. Let’s first look at a set of data. “Consumer Report” sorted out the random inspection data of 20,197 children’s products published by 126 industrial and commercial and quality inspection departments across the country in the past 10 years. 

Among them, the unqualified rate of children’s umbrellas is as high as 57.14%, which is 19 examples. The highest among product types. Therefore, the safety of children's umbrellas is worthy of consideration.


We all know that children are instinctively active, they like to play around, bump all kinds of things into each other, sway around. Even holding an umbrella is no exception. You can always see children directly on the road and two umbrellas colliding with each other. At this time, parents need to be cautious.

 It is often just a small fight, which may cause injury. In addition, the bead tail design of some umbrellas is unqualified, and ordinary bead tail (tip) children's umbrellas have a safety hazard, which is easy to hurt children.

It is found that there is always a solution to the problem, so some people have designed a ound umbrella for children, without a sharp bead tail (umbrella tip), grinding away the straight and long corners of ordinary umbrellas, and turning into a unique rounded circle The angled hexagonal umbrella surface can keep the umbrella body slender after storage, which can also protect the safety of children.

umbrella for children

In addition to rounded corners on the exterior, safety designs are also made where the children of the umbrella can reach. Unlike the umbrella used by adults, children as a group that needs to be protected require more attention from everyone.

Today’s children’s umbrella can be clearly seen when you get it, and its texture is visible to the naked eye.

The improved umbrella fabric is more lightweight and breathable than other umbrella fabrics, and the weight of the umbrella is reduced a lot. The outer umbrella surface adopts a new rain-proof coating, an ultra-thin layer, showing a matte finish. After the raindrops drip, it will show a water-repellent effect, and then slide down the umbrella surface.

The inner layer is a new vinyl coating technology with a sun protection index of UPF50+, which can effectively block UVA and prevent children's white and tender skin from being damaged.

What is the new type of vinyl coating? It is a combination of vinyl coating, black glue fixed-line coating, digital pure color coating, UV additive coating and waterproof coating.

Although it is complicated, it is worth it for children's sun protection safety.

umbrella for children

umbrella for children

This umbrella for children will surprise everyone with its better sun protection and rain resistance performance .

The handle of the umbrella also needs to be considered. It is the only point of contact between us and the umbrella. It is the soul of an umbrella. With it, we can hold the umbrella more comfortably. It is a kind of enjoyment, not a kind of burden.

The designer of this umbrella for children, in order to give children a better gripping experience, repeatedly considered the size and shape, combined with the shape of the child’s hand, and finally designed a humanized handle with a hook umbrella shape and used ABS environmentally friendly plastic material. Even if it is cold and rainy, it can also play a protective role, because it will make people feel soft and comfortable to use

umbrella for children

A special point to be explained is its safety and anti-pinch switch. , Push and pull gently, open and close every second, there is no possibility of pinching fingers, so children over three years old can use it without worrying about being caught. Adults will feel relieved

children's umbrella

Similarly, the design of reflective strips at night is also indispensable. In rainy days or poor visibility, it can serve as a reminder to the incoming vehicle and avoid it. Indirectly protects children’s travel safety

children's umbrella

Original illustrations and cartoon printing patterns are optional, full of innocence and lifelike, and the effect is delightful. Dinosaurs, cars, Nezha, etc. are all children's favorite cartoon images. Give them an umbrella for children like this. They will definitely "wow" "One sound, and then can have a good day

Of course, if you have a picture you like, you are also welcome to send it to us. We are also happy to customize the pattern for you, radish and greens, each has its own love. What we can do is to make everyone's needs achievable.

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