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How to choose a good umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-02
1. Umbrella, umbrella, parasol umbrella and umbrella on the function: the main difference between the main function of the parasol is uv, sunscreen, protect the skin health. The main function of umbrella is wind block rain; Umbrella, umbrella sunshade function and umbrella waterproof and wind resistance function. Tip: buy the sun umbrella must ask the seller to buy sun umbrella can when the umbrella, or when it rains will leak, this beautiful girls to pay more attention to. 2. UPF UPF namely ultraviolet protection factor value. Like to buy sunscreen, when purchasing a sunshade, attention should be paid to the UPF umbrella. When the UPF greater than 30, can be called a uv protection products, protection grade standard is 'UPF30 +'. If you are in the south, UPF> 50 sunshade can be your beautiful white little secret; If you are in the north, UPF> 45 sunshade are enough. Tip: in the UPF enough good, don't blindly pursue too high a value of 3. Black plastic, silver plastic, nano the vinyl umbrella has more on market now is given priority to, silver relative to the black glue, glue is easy to fall off, prevent bask in effect in general, UPF值> 30) Faults, and the black rubber with good quality light transmittance can reach almost to zero, inferior vinyl coating may contain carcinogenic substances, harm the body. The principle of nano coating is through the daub on the umbrella cloth half wavelength of ultraviolet ray, have the effect of reflection ultraviolet. Another thing, now vinyl umbrella umbrella cloth outer vinyl and internal two vinyl, vinyl namely shading, the inside of the coating will better protect the vinyl. 4. Single, double for the umbrella and umbrella, double umbrella shade effect and cooling effect is better than single umbrella, certainly feel better than a single cloth on both sides of the cloth. But please pay attention to, such as what is said above, uv relies mainly on the nano coating, double just to improve the effect of keep out sunshine. Now on the market, moreover, there is a hidden from double insulation umbrella, formed between the double empty drum, to a greater degree of insulating effect, better heat insulation effect. Tip: double> single, double time between drum 'boneless' umbrella is better, but not necessarily to buy. 5. How to identify good umbrella ( Umbrella stents) Umbrella stand is the core component of umbrella, umbrella of the main cost is the umbrella stand. Rust, light and strong, push-pull flow is the main index in the umbrella stand. In terms of material, the best material is carbon fiber, light and strong, but the price is highest, not an umbrella, or not to buy, after all, the price is too high; Followed by aluminum alloy, also is one of the most commercially, but there are good and bad, aluminum alloy under specific you can baidu, this is too professional, ha ha. Umbrella stand, containing pole and bracket in two parts, the rod cross section and the more the better, pentagon's certainly better than the round, hexagonal certainly better than the pentagon, and the more the stronger, now on the market has ten Angle pipe. Rod in single and double, double means there is also set a layer. Stents, see parts of work, specific see the stuff.
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