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How to choose a good umbrella, umbrella, how to choose a good umbrella?

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-02
The contradiction of the problem, can be said to be quite! Ok, may be expensive, but what you need is emergency, don't need to be good. Poor, must be cheap, but your demand is secure, poor didn't want to. Recently very hot than fire: Rolls-Royce umbrella sell thousands, why can sell hundreds of, can afford a car certainly doesn't care about this umbrella. Because the design, because of the quality, because of the unique, because all the hype, let this umbrella present moment in people's hearts position location, good umbrella! That umbrella, feeling from such noble tide out is the yuan's vision. The reality, how to choose a good umbrella? Is the more expensive the better, show no, see personal needs, look for personal use, the umbrella we usually try to choose simple, not too fancy, from as far as possible choose strong point, with wind is best, in order to avoid a windy weather, your umbrella guarantee ha ha. How to choose a good umbrella for children? It must have to pay attention to safety, had better avoid to use metal material, because when the wind rain have adult shelter, for their part, safety is the most important, return to innocence, choose a beautiful color for the old man, how to choose a good umbrella: often saw the old man's house in the street with a straight rod umbrella, in fact, some factory now out of the walking stick umbrella, special sturdy, high practicability, can be a crutch, can again special moment emergency alarm, can be a key to open the rain awning.
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