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Impreaaion nip windproof folding umbrella, reflex windproof folding umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-18
When your friends to hold an umbrella at ordinary times, meet the wind often run into an embarrassing situation, if is blowing umbrella upside down, so we inevitably will be rain into a drowned rat. So can have a clear protective umbrella? Today we recommend a wind folding umbrella for you. Straight rod umbrella is known to have had a reflex umbrella, this umbrella it's ability to resist the wind is very strong, has a double umbrella makes it not easy to wind blown over. There to be such a impreaaion nip windproof umbrella folding umbrella, its function is the same with rods reverse umbrella, you will find it after it away face wet inside, cracker dough on the outside. It with our general thirty percent since open umbrella is not the same, because of its unique impreaaion nip umbrella design, it is difficult to will umbrella blown inside out by the wind, it also avoids the rainy day is a sudden strong winds blowing over the umbrella and moment was caught in the rain into a drowned rat. Quanzhou yi xin trade co. , LTD. , accept customize this thirty percent impreaaion nip since open umbrella, welcome calls to boss
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