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Inverted umbrella, 2017 hemp that don't have to worry about umbrellas drip

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-04
Rainy day very trouble that's a lot of office worker, crowded bus or train, with a wet a man's umbrella don't know where is the charge? If accidentally wet clothes, pants, it would be very awkward. But recently more and more fire inverted umbrella now may help you to solve the embarrassment. What is a reverse umbrella? What are the characteristics? What is advantage? How much money a? Where to have sell? Slowly, let me moments. As the name implies, inverted umbrella is a reverse direction to open umbrella umbrella. Biggest characteristic is to subvert the traditional way of open umbrella umbrella from the inside and outside to from outside to inside. What are the advantages that the umbrella? Super strong wind resistance, the double glass fiber umbrella, electric iron plastic bags in the bar, let you the fierce winds can be easily cope with. Don't wet wet shoes, from outside to inside of the umbrella way let the umbrella bag inside, the lining of the hand touch is clean, don't worry about the umbrella rain will be wet in the crowded bus subway next to people caused by the embarrassing. Can stand design and don't have to find a hook, umbrella barrel is another advantage tide! Because of the unique way of open umbrella, strange design can let you go to which is the focus. So have personality appearance level, and have the strength of inverted umbrella is it very expensive? Than ordinary umbrella what about the price? Actually now inverted umbrella to expand the market, the price has been as ordinary umbrella.
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