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Inverted umbrella, auto reverse umbrella, motorists to see the smile

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-16
For such a long time, head back to the bay, amorous feelings is good, the wind very comfortable; Just a pity they encounter a heavy rain is going to come back, recently often like to rain for a while, the whole people is caught off guard and mess; Although to cool the hot summer months, but the travel is not convenient. Although prepared an umbrella, but get in the car when was wet with the rain clothes, will inevitably affect the visit because of the beautiful mood. And friends because of the rain, talk about the umbrella, to a friend recommended a car inverted umbrella, have a common umbrella very different experience. The whole design can be overturned for thousands of years people understanding of umbrella, now many people understanding of inverted umbrella is also insufficient. Its advantages is the intimate design is for people to drive. Traditional umbrella need charge umbrella to first entered the car or inside room; And can reverse the umbrella is advanced, and then fold umbrella, basically will not be rain wet clothes, also won't affect the mood of the beautiful. Its unique design of C type umbrella handles for mother and aunt that occupy the home, lowers the head, also is very practical, can fully free out of the hands. Don't need because one hand an umbrella in the rainy day, affect the Eva, shopping, playing mobile phone.
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