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Inverted umbrella, auto reverse umbrella, the advantage of the automobile reverse umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-16
Is we compare hate rainy days, rain man everywhere, for daily travel caused great inconvenience for those motorists are also very upset. The old umbrella umbrella need enough space, get in the car before: must need a umbrella; Did not get in the car: must first wet; Umbrella end constantly dripping in the car, in the wind storm comes, from easy to break, people suddenly wet. Are you still worry about driving in rainy weather, get on the bus and get off always be wet? Multifunctional inverted umbrella solves this problem very well. It will completely change the whole structure and folding way, exposed to the outside, umbrella on the umbrella for away, also can stand on the ground directly, with the side won't rain splashed water to the body or the car was full of water. So the inverted umbrella also became the praise of many motorists.
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