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Inverted umbrella, auto reverse umbrella, umbrella, drive, take it, to a trip for said come away

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-23
In 1100 BC, the Chinese have begun to use the umbrella, it was said, with an umbrella. Until only the sunshade, though, until 1733, when parisians generic Chinese umbrella and made the umbrella cloth instead of paper, to make the umbrella. But anyway, we can now live so convenient, umbrella is played, with the constant progress of science and technology, the pursuit of people also constantly improve, umbrella style more and more, to meet the diverse needs of the people. Now have a specially designed for auto collocation of auto double inverted umbrella by many owners of love, we will introduce the umbrella today. Inverted umbrella is similar to ordinary umbrella, umbrella cloth, umbrella, in the stick, umbrella head umbrella tail, but it is, in turn, put the wet umbrella inside the cloth, dry umbrella noodles Lou in the outside, don't worry about rain wetland surface, or other people's clothes. Open an umbrella in the wind of the heavy rain weather, travel is very difficult, the wind blows the whole umbrella is blown over, pull over, this time you need a reverse umbrella, strong, full of the glass fiber in the umbrella and rods, excellent flexibility, can easily in the face of strong wind weather, and from her bag in the middle of the umbrella cloth, longer service life. Contact QQ: 3003510165 is the main benefit of using inverted umbrella when it rains, you can only open the door of a small crack, umbrella to open, use the smallest space open umbrella, so that the rain not caught in the car. Yi xin professional custom in high-grade umbrella, inverted umbrella is also a main style oh
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