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Inverted umbrella, automatic reverse umbrella, umbrella design, seconds kill traditional umbrella - Inverted umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-20
It's raining, good trouble! This is the heart of most commuters, if rain is work fine processing, if encounter rain in commuting, bus rapid transit will be full of people calculate, if take a wet umbrella with clothes, wet even someone's shoes or clothes, it will get very embarrassed! Recent gradually prosperous inverted umbrella, maybe can solve this for a long time! Inverted umbrella what umbrella is that? Is there any difference between with traditional umbrella? In short it toppled generally when you receive the umbrella, umbrella cloth outside layer model, see the guest is always wet waterlogging elimination and reverse the rain on the umbrella and receive in inverted umbrella together were among them, the furled, can you touch is the lining of the clean, so when you receive umbrella stick on umbrella with both hands will not be dirty from the rain. Sounds not bad, but all the umbrella hundreds of money, not through, is the umbrella cloth hook wrap around hard to arrange, or from easy to fracture, durable and effort umbrella really rare ah ~ I recently on the Internet to a automatic reverse umbrella ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'fail watermelon umbrella) And don't know if I can save small endowment living beings? Why this umbrella can make picky I rest? As it turned out to be self-opening umbrella! ! ! Compared with general inverted umbrella, you must manually close up, when it is designed on a button to push the generation of pressure, timeliness than traditional self-opening umbrella saving a lot, and super fast, don't literally blink of an eye, Shut again not good) ! The other hand also looks different, very accord with human body engineering, feels not sticky T T, good grip and slippery ~ when we usually carry an umbrella, besides appearance is very lovable, umbrella design is one of the purchase consideration points, if look weak or hard, little wind, a not flower is broken ~ this watermelon umbrella umbrella use double deck glass fiber material, concave - don't fall apart! Is lotus shape umbrella, umbrella pole is hexagonal! At the same time, in order to increase its robustness, the structure of the umbrella is designed to be a special style of the lotus, let wind power bonus bonus! In addition, not watermelon umbrella umbrella pole for rare hexagonal, and selects the electric iron material, so strong degree, no doubt, and not easy to suffer from corrosion of time. Water bead formed on surface of the umbrella, slide of small water droplets, not shaken it almost clean clean! In addition, the umbrella just like the structure of the people, if only a skeleton, without skin table with flesh and blood, how can it be a complete individual? So the umbrella surface material and design is to pick carefully with eyes wide open! Fail watermelon umbrella umbrella surface is good: double touch attack cloth with high density, can prevent water balance UV resistant, regardless of the burning sun pawn, or rainy, could give the most thoughtful protection.
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