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Inverted umbrella, barrage, the barrage of stitches

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-17
Since a barrage of jun was born, I was so watch TV drama has been barrage play bad after the barrage was invented, doomed to the video is not good! ! ! Company friend video appears in the story, is also a variety of barrage flying ~ inverted umbrella: traditional umbrella ahhh! I'm very pleased said. Look, is this umbrella, this umbrella open style very different from traditional umbrella, umbrella is traditional opening down the open outward, it adopted the opening up from the inside out, open the way to subvert the traditional mode of open umbrella umbrella. Minimum space opening and closing: up and down the doors on rainy days, can be the smallest space to open an umbrella, reduce the degree of wet. Resistance to strong winds: as the umbrella with double spokes, even if the wind is also don't have to worry about, button located on the umbrella handle can be restored to the initial open the umbrella shape. Resistance to strong winds, the inverted umbrella is not bad. Tiangong on white light, the night hua said my brother is open is a parlance, this time you to heaven, and to argue with him on a debate. I just said that you to heaven, and barrage: can side by side with him ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha TM really want to smile dead! ! ! Mom never worry I saw a horror movie, sad a barrage, all become a comedy!
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