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Inverted umbrella, C type reverse umbrella a speakerphone, inverted umbrella, a subversive umbrella!

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-21
The rain in June ~ always to let people by surprise! The rain seems to be much more special this year, rain mood letting a person not only annoyed, also caused inconvenience to travel! Today let's see if everyone when it rains also often encountered the following trouble? Today to recommend an artifact can solve a lot of trouble you on a rainy day! It is a speakerphone reverse C type umbrella! Let's see how does it help us to solve the above problem? A, the traditional! Absolve you getting wet body embarrassing crisis, and an umbrella in the car also won't get wet man oh, liberation of your hands, the mobile phone party, bao ma, motorists must! Three, the ventilation hole design, was stronger! Big strong break down stream winds push the umbrella surface, improve the effect of wind. More than four, exquisite craft, guardian: the UVA is the skin black hands behind the scenes, double umbrella cloth outer covering L. R。 C 2。 0 coating, can block 99% UVA penetration; Inside and outside the formation reflector, the remaining 1% of UVA consumed; On the general sun umbrella over a layer of color glue! Effective to prevent bask in effect. If you like this inverted umbrella please contact yi xin manufacturer:; Welcome OEM/ODM orders, visit our factory!
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