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Inverted umbrella, car with an umbrella, auto reverse umbrella, umbrella rebellious period

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-23
We all have experienced a teenager, of the period we are rebellious, is stubborn, is a Bohemian. There to be such a member in the umbrella, like different, naturally finally, become a system oneself. Its name is - The reverse umbrella. Reverse umbrella naturally different reverse umbrella design, open, big after solved the people accept umbrella often inadvertently wet the pants of the embarrassing situation. And it also has a reverse umbrella is called car special umbrella. Why do you call it? Because of its unique design, finally can let people when to get off and get on the bus, greatly reduces the need umbrellas and umbrella of the space, and because of its unique inverse technology, even the umbrella away after also won't get wet inside the car, so it gets the title of that car is special umbrella. Inverted umbrella now has on the market popularity, but quality is too obvious, a good inverted umbrella can greatly improve our mood in rainy day.
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