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Inverted umbrella, double inverted umbrella, tough, I inverted umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-20
Inverted umbrella, double inverted umbrella, tough, I inverted umbrella Everyone may have such dilemma, open an umbrella, rain into the car the kaka kaka in the door, was very embarrassed. Receive a get wet umbrella only to be bad luck, there is no escape from fate. Off to open an umbrella, absolutely let you doubt the life, let you feel the feeling of a wet clothes cling to the skin, when the crowd, crowds, open umbrella task as parachuting, hurt others or a splashing water, can only be apology, embarrassed. Do you think it is good to go back inside? You will find an umbrella away where is not right, where is a pool of water, is really a headache. Wet and possibly some important things, such as files, such as clothing, is really let a person tired, so a British mutombo sit still, invented the double inverted umbrella. Double inverted umbrella need only small space, gently upward push open easily. Whether on or off, as long as small space can complete open umbrella umbrella. The characteristics of big with double inverted umbrella is opened from the inside, into the outer layer of the umbrella cloth, umbrella cloth into the inner and outer umbrella cloth, umbrella cloth so that two layers of umbrella cloth, dry wet umbrella can not other people's clothes, more can't dozen wet important documents.
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