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Inverted umbrella, ordinary umbrella, different personality

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-11
Do you have such difficulties, the umbrella always find placed on point, single bag is too heavy, or umbrellas inconvenient, there was no way to umbrellas, holding a child on a rainy day easily wet the car's interior. As long as the choice now inverted umbrella, you will feel every time you walk in front of others, its simple design makes you absolutely flabbergasted. Inverted umbrella is really broke the habit, with an umbrella, we are more than three thousand years is really we are not the same, the umbrella when not applicable to daily travel, more suitable for motorists, the car I don't get wet, I don't get wet outside, more hands free, more freedom in the rain! Rain again big and how? Double high-density touch attack cloth, waterproof effect of leverage.
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