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Inverted umbrella, straight rod umbrella, inverted umbrella VS since open the umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-22
Some time ago, a friend suddenly let me introduce him to an umbrella, is used in the car, the convenience of travel on rainy days, but some friends give he introduced the open umbrella, also some friends feel that there is no need to bother, buy a regular golf umbrella. Here I give him a car are introduced for the umbrella, is popular in Europe and the United States recently reverse umbrella, also known as the umbrella to break the habit, with an umbrella in 3000, auto artifact, etc. , so what is the difference between reverse with other umbrella umbrella? Inverted umbrella with other umbrella opened the way to biggest advantage is that he is from the inside out, traditional umbrella is from outside to inside, the rain in the outer layer, get wet floor, crowded car may be wet shoes clothes, others influence is bad. When getting on or off, can achieve minimum degree of opening and closing an umbrella, can avoid the heavy rain wet to the car, let a person get wet, it is also a very big advantage. Inverted umbrella stand, don't hook, not leaning on the wall, don't have brains to find place for umbrella, this is also convenient for you? A speakerphone type handle, release the hands on rainy days, let you soar open hand bags, bags, or holding babies, and so on since the open umbrella is also very convenient, but car use on rainy days or less reverse umbrella, then I give you compare. Since the open umbrella a key can open closed one hand, is very convenient, getting the degree of opening and closing is small, it is not easy to let the rain wet the car, but into the car, a man's umbrella will get wet wet inside the car. Friends heard my introduction, decisive bought a inverted umbrella, found that really works.
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