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Inverted umbrella, straight umbrella bone, reverse NS straight bone umbrella, umbrella reverse umbrella VS straight bone umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-21
Have you ever been passers-by umbrella wet clothes? Have you ever wet by rain shoes? Do you still in for how to put wet umbrella? Since reverse umbrella, these problems are solved. 1. Double umbrella cloth wrapped umbrella stand design, dry umbrella surface contact with rain umbrella surface separation, when you receive the umbrella dry umbrella face exposed, don't worry about the rain wet passers-by will clothing. 2. Can stand type umbrella stand design, don't have to find a place, looking for a hook put umbrella, any place can be placed, umbrella put good to lose. 3. C type rubber paint handle design, umbrellas, carrying bags of things, two not mistake, release your hands, in the rain can also optional play phone, luggage. Straight bone umbrella phase will be familiar to everyone, general will prepare two straight bone umbrella that occupy the home, can be in the face of multiple weather, typhoon, heavy rain, are very appropriate, and the straight bone umbrella what are the advantages? 1. The umbrella size is large enough, 2 - Three people hold no problem at the same time, under the heavy rain, don't worry about it will get wet trousers, others hold sway in the rain, you are standing in the rain. 2. 。 All fiber material umbrella stand, strong toughness, not easy broken, easily face the typhoon weather, folding umbrella blown over in the rain, only the straight bone umbrella remained calm. 3. Straight bone umbrella appearance atmosphere, sedate, representing the gentleman, power and mature, has always been some corporate customers, advertising promotions. Here, you must have a choice, is no conflict between inverted umbrella and straight bone umbrella, straight umbrella bone as a regular umbrella already thorough popular feeling, reverse as a new creative umbrella, umbrella received everyone's love, do not need to compete, also don't need to ask reverse VS straight bone umbrella, umbrella which will better? Everyone has each person's choice.
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