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Inverted umbrella, the sky of shenzhen, shenzhen's umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-22
Remember just came to this place, this city is very prosperous, and each person's dress is all the more good look, and there are many beautiful beaches are very beautiful blue sky clear water remember first went to dongmen old street, where there is a can eat snacks, food street, eat after eating go to shop where there are a lot of beautiful clothes, then go to a store to do the umbrella name is umbrella there are a lot of strange reverse umbrella, umbrella, such as golf umbrella, children umbrella, fan umbrella, etc. 。 。 A lot of strange umbrella, the boss see I'm interested in their umbrellas, and very enthusiastic recommend me first introduce is very wonderful is inverted umbrella he is standing away after opening is an umbrella and very good-looking, the boss said let's umbrella is the best quality of yiwu there cheap but there is no guarantee of quality, I asked the boss so much I have not seen you this umbrella, is what factory, which, he said, and yi xin cooperation of very good quality and credibility of their factory is high also, then he took out the umbrella picture show me, inside a lot of umbrella, I was very interested in, the boss said to send me a copy of my happy after go, is really a good place where the United States, a person, the sea is beautiful, days beauty, umbrella is also beautiful.
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