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Inverted umbrella, umbrella industry, the design of the inverted umbrella, inverted umbrella has sell!

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-03
Form the airflow, air humidity is bigger, the area gets cold formed during the rainy season. Believe you also have such experience: wet umbrellas fold a man's umbrella surface wet clothes. Is there a way you can solve? Now in the yi xin should be able to find it! It subvert the traditional in the design, the appearance of the high level of appearance. We did five technological breakthroughs: one, in the opposite direction to close open umbrella, wet surface adduction: wet umbrella folded up don't have to worry about a man's umbrella surface wet clothes, skeleton, the leakage technology: to make the human body engineering mechanics and support very good combination, easy to easily accept three, when using node from technology, increase the service life of the umbrella four, true liberation hands: C umbrella handle even carrying umbrellas hold children, carrying shopping bags, even playing with mobile phone five, go tuyere design: the inner air leakage processing, real umbrella stronger ability to resist wind reverse umbrella can still open in the smallest space, even if only need a small car in the car door. And materials used in the inverted umbrella is good, safe and reliable to use: umbrella is firm and durable, not easily broken firm posture, umbrella cloth shade rain, do not damage easily. Inverted umbrella appearance design is novel, attract and passers-by's attention; Umbrella the color is dark blue, red, orange, etc. , also can make for you certainly need to be printed, so it has propaganda effect, companies used to give the customer is a good choice. Ever feel very convenient ah, different umbrella, plus the umbrella's appearance, also can let you in the street to lead hundred oh, different pattern, decorative pattern, let you have a lot of choice. To cater to the needs of the consumers, and some people bought several at one fell swoop.
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