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Inverted umbrella, umbrella, the principle of inverted umbrella, the design principle of reverse umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-25
Umbrella in the hand of the UK, there is a call 'plate KAZ Designs' the team to design and develop a 'never wet' inverted umbrella. Using the reverse design of umbrella, reduce when you receive the umbrella of the place, at the same time guarantee the rain on the umbrella not scattered everywhere. The study is based on traditional umbrella converse thinking, reverse design for the so called reverse umbrella, also called an umbrella. Traditional umbrella umbrella need to occupy a lot of places to curl, especially in the heavy rain day and cars are so inconvenience. The rain pouring down, sit in your car need a umbrella, before closing the door, the car will get wet, also got wet, the umbrella which is collected from wet, the rain drops. Moreover it's windy in an umbrella when it rains, it is easy to blow over, umbrella suddenly gone. So too embarrassed to get off, need to save enough place on the car door to open the umbrella, people stood up and put the umbrella, such as wet inside the door, people also get wet. Reverse design, the principle of inverted umbrella is at once when you receive the umbrella opens the door went in, and then shut the door can only keep consistent arm into the cracks, umbrellas thumbs to the press, umbrellas fold up, put the outside help inside, so the rain is hidden inside, gently to recover the car, shut the door, don't have to worry about where the umbrella rain drops everywhere. Just got used to the British gentleman poise, is going to raise money to carry forward. Now the only money is on the earth for our Chinese people. The umbrella factory is rich, easy including technical elite, such as yi xin co. , LTD. , the reverse umbrella is improved, more beautiful, more convenient to use, but also to mass production. Yi xin company not to be outdone, of course, already mass production, in order to adapt to the local tyrants owners strong demand, has launched a single retail business, waiting for?
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