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Inverted umbrella, work way, horse dad, how do you say about the movie to see Malaysia

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-02
'I like, at least until 80 at the age of no regret STH over and over again. 'My father said. Alibaba chairman jack ma at the fourth world zhejiang daqo, ma domineering response. Meeting, the host asked him: 'you want to the outside world how see you? ', Mr Ma said, 'someone said how do you go to a movie, how to sing? You big CEO should have the appearance of the CEO. Should I say CEO? Suit? I think I like singing, like, I like these things. 'For want to be an actress and singer ma, double 11 on the eve of this year should be the happiest day of his life, Mr. Ma and drilling kung fu line one of the best action star in the world: jet li, sammo hung, donnie yen, wu and others cooperation, as the first actor in the film' work keep way '. In the films of 'proving that' war in today's stars, they all fall under the ma tai chi chuan. Also with wang fei chorus 'work keep road' theme song, 'the breeze pure Yang' attracted everybody's attention, finally circle and days after the desire of the chorus; In the prophase of the spin double 11 hit a turnover of 168. 2 billion, the day after believes that the data will not make the horse dad disappointed, as a result, Mr Ma is a bumper harvest this year ~ not only that, Mr. Ma has repeatedly with peculiar modelling on the stage, singing in different places. 'Chinese people like the low-key, I be a alternative. 'Ma said in answer,' in fact character decides destiny, my first job is a teacher, the teacher's job is to share, I haven't done business training, has been in a state of mind when the teacher doing business. Till now, I go to so many countries, and so many entrepreneurs and scholars exchange, after learning I want to share more, leave the belly was useless, I want to share with more people 'in the past year, alibaba group, said before about 100 ma speech oh, an average of three days, and do not include a closed-door meetings, not including sat to speak, is very severe, worth learning. And in the dialogue. Life was like this, people is to experience life to the world, a group of friends, by the way for an enterprise. As for what other people think of you, 'ma said, can't change others thought,' love how how to see '. Do you have any special like the horse dad, I ah! We are benefiting from the platform resources, he gave us the umbrella industry, after the establishment of the company, we mostly by horse dad's information exposure, a reverse umbrella, now is a kind of innovation, the market, the concept of objects, we in the platform of the horse dad 1688: can search to quanzhou yi xin trading co. , LTD. Inverted umbrella very much, but I believe we will do the best, like horse dad said: no matter what other people competition, how to spell at a low price, we follow our principle, we strive to do the best, the best quality! ( Reverse umbrella)
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