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LUV umbrella, beach umbrella, there will always be a able to impress you

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-25
Sorching summer, the scorching sun, even the air becomes hot, that how to deal with the sunshine point-blank, how to resist the ubiquitous uv? This summer there is LUV love attach umbrella is enough! LUV umbrella ( Love attach an umbrella) As a high-end sun yi xin's main sunscreen, fashion luxury umbrella umbrella brand, was deeply loved by the masses of customers. This is dependent on the brand of original umbrella surface design, product high quality and intimate details for each user. LUV umbrella umbrella surface design is 100% original design, from the design direction, for sure, collect design elements, the umbrella design, design review, review the sample, pilot run, big goods production, the sale to the final, after half a year, can be said to be the only, can move only to find your original umbrella surface. Except for the 100% of the original design umbrella surface, also can't afford not to mention their sun shield technology, this is LUV umbrella in both China and South Korea research center, spent nearly 2 years of research and development of high-end sun protection technology. 4 last month. 26 spring household gift show, yi xin at a brand new conference, four high-end umbrella brand hand in hand together, including: armagh posture ( AMRZZI) Love attach umbrella, umbrella, LUV) An umbrella, rain gear, MANDY children foam maple umbrella. After yi xin want an umbrella just as a tool to use, but also a representative of the fashion ornaments, a long way to go ah, LUV now the success of this umbrella, so every employee friends, hope to have more people to know about LUV umbrella, know yi xin, understand the umbrella.
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