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Manual Folding Umbrella

Manual folding umbrella, literally means an umbrella that needs to be opened by hand support. Unlike the automatic umbrella, which has buttons on the handle, there are no buttons on the manual umbrella.

Generally speaking, according to the number of folds, the umbrella market is mainly divided into four categories: straight umbrellas (one fold), two (two) fold umbrellas, three fold umbrellas, and five fold umbrellas. The so-called several-fold umbrella means that the umbrella frame (keel) can be folded several times. 

1.Straight umbrella or one-fold umbrella. Umbrellas are mostly used for rain or shine, and almost all umbrella manufacturers produce such straight umbrellas. The advantage is that the umbrella ribs are generally made of steel frame, which is strong and durable, and the elderly can also be used as crutches. The disadvantage is that it is longer, generally not very convenient to carry, and takes up space.

2.Two-fold umbrella: This number of folds is generally high-end umbrellas and umbrellas。They generally have a stable frame design, and the fabrics are mostly embroidery, imported colored tape, etc., plus exquisite design and good workmanship, so the price is positioned in the high-end

3.Tri-fold umbrella: This kind of tri-fold umbrella is widely distributed, and most umbrellas and parasols are generally designed like this。Good quality, long service life, better sun and wind, moderate weight and moderate length. The overall design is moderate, and it is a relatively popular and practical design concept.

4.Five-fold Umbrella: This type of umbrella is known for being short, compact and easy to carry. Mainly aimed at the long and heavy problems of general umbrellas, it is designed by resin bone and high-grade aluminum alloy frame. The main drawback is the umbrella ribs, which can’t bear the wind and rain.

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