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New type of baby-sliding artifact sunscreen umbrella cart umbrella stand

New type of baby-sliding artifact sunscreen umbrella cart umbrella stand


In today's society, people's living standards are constantly improving, and the things they use are more quality-oriented. Especially the new generation of children nowadays, the things they use are all high-end and multi-functional. 

The younger generation of mothers chooses things for their children, and they often pay attention to the comfort and lightness of use. This is the case with baby strollers. Most of the baby strollers on the market nowadays are called "baby strollers". 

They are small and uncovered. Although it is convenient and lightweight, it is easy to take out, but one of the most troublesome problems is that the summer sun is so big. If you want to push children out for shopping or walking, an umbrella can't cover adults and children at all. If you can do it at this time Installed on a stroller, then adults can hold an umbrella with one stroller and one hand.


Some people would say, would umbrella cart occupy a lot of space and be inconvenient? Anyone who has used it should know that it is actually very useful. From the beginning of installation, it is very convenient. 

The fixed parts can be installed on any crossbar of the baby stroller, on the armrest, and the handle under the umbrella is also very flexible. It can be rotated at various angles. The umbrella handle can be inserted and installed by a buckle. The rod on the stroller is easy to install or remove.

The baby stroller parasol that I will introduce today looks very simple, but it can play a very good role in sun protection, and can let Baoma free her hands. We call it a edging clip umbrella, which is suitable for simple carts, high landscape carts, rattan carts, multi-function carts, tricycle carts, etc. It has four advantages: sun protection and wind protection, 360° adjustable, It is dual-purpose for rain or shine, and is folded and carried. Next, we will introduce each of these four points in detail:

1. Sun protection and wind protection: The diameter under the umbrella is 66CM, and the arc radius is 36.5CM, which is enough to shield children. The high-density waterproof cloth can not only prevent sun protection, but also prevent ultraviolet rays from harming children's skin.

 Umbrella ribs are made of high-quality steel, which is not easy to peel off paint, durable, and can effectively resist wind, avoiding sudden strong winds that will blow over and children will be frightened.



2.360°adjustable: free rotation in all directions, no blind spots for sunshading. On the umbrella pole, there are adjustable joints, fixed clips, and adjustment buttons. First of all, the adjustment joint can be twisted in all directions to reach any desired angle. The fixed clip can be adjusted. The umbrella can be fixed on various carts or chairs. Press the button to adjust various angles.


3. Sunny and rainy dual-purpose: Although this umbrella has no vinyl coating, its sun protection effect is not bad. High-efficiency shading effect is achieved by technological coating, local water layer, silver adhesive layer, high-density base cloth, silver adhesive cured layer, multi-layer protection, strong shading, UV blocking, sun protection and heat insulation, killing two birds with one stone.


4. Folding and carrying: After the parasol is installed on the cart, the main part of the umbrella can be directly disassembled, or the clamps and clamps can be separated. It does not take up space, is easy to disassemble and fold, and is easy to carry.


Such a seemingly simple umbrella cart can play a great role. As a tool for spring outings and street shopping, it can effectively block ultraviolet rays and care for your baby's skin. And a variety of colors are available, showing colorful colors, giving the baby a beautiful sky.

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