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Outdoor Canopy

The outdoor canopy is a shed that can shelter from the rain. It is a simple building that is generally impervious to the wind. There are one or two simple doors that can be closed. You can put things inside and people can also shelter from the rain.

The materials of the outdoor canopy are various, mainly depending on individual needs.

1. Cement asbestos corrugated board, opaque, but affordable and easy to use

2. Polycarbonate sunshine board, good light transmission effect, shading, high-grade, good effect

3. PC board has high light transmittance, which is comparable to glass. Good anti-sun effect and good quality

4. The glass canopy has strong light transmittance and is more suitable for planting flowers and trees.

Due to the large amount of materials, there are plenty of options available during the purchase process. You need to make a choice based on your own field and budget.

We welcome everyone to find us to provide you with personalized customized services, so that you can harvest satisfactory results and use value

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