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Promotional umbrellas, straight rod umbrella, hold up a to belong to your world

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-22
Straight rod umbrella, hold up a to belong to your world to the window to see the heavy rain, the underwater acoustic ticking, bubbling streams, melancholy old huan like a dream, can't help arises spontaneously: no rain city, what is the taste? An umbrella, is a guardian, to accompany you through each summer an umbrella, is a bosom friend, crossing you through every rainy season maybe you often interrupted by either on a rainy day a good mood, or be relish the sun block the forward steps. In fact, as long as the choice of a handful of contentment umbrella, your mood will not be about the weather, in any case will make you look forward to, set his mind at to walk comfortably in the sky. This is a moment of life's little really luckily hold up an umbrella you can hear the sound of the fruity and crisp, gently like stepping on the first snow is light and strong, this is yi xin light luxury rods rounded umbrella peculiar texture details. Yi xin, here are my favorite umbrella, also can customized for you
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