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Rainbow golf umbrella, golf umbrella, golf umbrella, umbrella and golf umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-06-29
A the heavy rain the rainbow rainbow umbrella and golf umbrella umbrella and golf umbrella met together. Rainbow umbrella: hello, golf umbrella golf umbrella: how are you then the rainbow umbrella began to weigh in front of golf umbrella, tall, serious, also looks like a piece of two cuttings small to big, two pieces sewn up, look stupid and ugly. So rainbow umbrella laughed golf umbrella asked what are you laughing at the rainbow umbrella is nothing why you look so strange ya golf umbrella is a bit not happy that this has nothing to do with your rainbow umbrella: seven colors so gorgeous beautiful, you see me a lot of people love me, ho ho ho. 。 。 Golf umbrella: you just look good, nothing in particular the rainbow umbrella: that is an advantage, you tell me about you what are the advantages of golf umbrella, my advantage is a lot of, I am not afraid of the wind is not afraid of the rain, pick up practical rainbow umbrella. Suddenly a strong wind blow a rainbow umbrella was unstable people take away, and golf umbrella, made in yi xin, the god of the umbrella.
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