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Rainbow rainbow rainbow umbrella, umbrella, umbrella can this play

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-30
Rainbow umbrella for the use of the protagonist in the idol drama and started serving, south Korean TV series 'coffee prince inn' the play, yoon eun hye and Taiwan idol drama 'honey lucky grass,' Joe cheng used the rainbow umbrella, and have a romantic story. The rainbow umbrella, as it were, representing the love a little too much. The rainbow umbrella, as it were, representing the love a little too much. Nowadays many people take photos, also can see someone with a rainbow umbrella, moral later life can rich and colorful like a rainbow umbrella. Rainbow umbrella not only can decorate mood, attract attention, also can be used as parent-child game props, and there is a song to match: rainbow umbrella, umbrella, rainbow turn ah turn, do not know to which side? Rainbow umbrella is now have a lot of games, such as colors, drill hole, shake the boat, let rainbow umbrella fly, and so on, more play need to dig you a lot!
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