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Rainbow rainbow rainbow umbrella, umbrella, umbrella, organization, kindergarten children activities The beautiful rainbow umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-31
Activities for the rainbow umbrella, tambourine, recorder, learn nursery rhymes 'rainbow umbrella activities ( A) Teachers led the children to the activity room, listening to the teacher password do warm-up exercise together. Shook his head, jump jump. Shrugged, jump jump; Curved waist, jump jump. Squat down a squat, jump jump; A twisted, jump jump; Turn a turn, jump jump. ( 2) Talk to import: today, the teacher brought a gift to you, you see, what is it? ( The rainbow umbrella shop is on the ground activity room) Its name is rainbow umbrella, today we are going to play games with the rainbow umbrella. Kindergarten rainbow umbrella lesson plan 3 ( 3) Basic parts: a game: looking for 1 color. Account name of the game, teachers guide children to observe the color of the rainbow umbrella, in preparation for the games smoothly. 2. Explanation and demonstration gameplay: let kids free sat on a rainbow umbrella, quickly climb after hearing the bell, side to climb the side say children's songs, the bell stopped and sat down to find the corresponding color. 3. Teachers emphasize game note: children don't collide in the climb. Game 2:1 the heavy rain. Account name of the game, teachers and young children can be divided into two groups, men and women play in turn. 2. Teachers' instruction and demonstration game play: the teacher and the brink of a group of young children grasp the rainbow umbrella, side to side say children's songs, rhymes with that, the teacher said: 'the heavy rain! Everybody quickly hid under the umbrella. 'Young together hold up an umbrella, the other a group of children quickly climbed up the umbrella here, immediately put down her umbrella, and hear the teacher say:' the rain has stopped, you hurry up! 'Hold up an umbrella children quickly climb out. ( 4) End: the teacher will be a rainbow umbrella walked into the cave, children from crawling around in the cave, with music, relaxation exercise and free conversation, share the joy of the game brings. Attached to the children's song: 'the rainbow umbrella' rainbow umbrella, like a wheel, rainbow umbrella, like a flower, everyone together play set, climb ah climb on the rainbow umbrella, you also, I also turn, the bell stopped looking for the color, we work to turn around. Find the red sit down. Yi xin co. , LTD
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