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Rainbow rainbow rainbow umbrella, umbrella, umbrella, the mood like the rainbow umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-30
The mood like the rainbow umbrella morning and little went out to buy things, and our family for a rainbow umbrella back, according to the above color to change to write, like looking at the color flashing out of the magic of the rainbow in the sun. And walked with an umbrella walking in the road. See passers-by very strange eyes on us. The bottom of my heart that a small vanity began to flood. Young: we've been so eager to be attention. Even stranger for we don't care. In the heart under an umbrella laughters. Stalked by sunshine evaporate the pride of our little head high. When the bus in the morning to go to our appointment location is still early. Many stores also don't have to open the door. The sun is on my left. Like my admirers. Then canthus have finely flower. Get a pen in his diary written' Born the sun 】 , the sun is not hot, anti it just want to protect yourself. When sitting on the back of the bus was already noon, after the army school doorway saw a military man dressed in green military uniform on guard. The sun like him. Today is their holiday to go to the mobile phone with dots. She considers a rouge box, get a business card, the elder brother of, want to look for him to buy a second-hand SLR, no familiarity of people to see, and ask what's wrong, only drops by a stranger might try to figure out my world, and the world brings to my mind. The new class new faces. Here is the cement floor. Or wooden tables and chairs. Would have been off grey walls, but is the only let me feel glad, find the third row of the window, can see the deep shallow green, and the blue for an organic whole, floating clouds, the expression of constant transformation, at least I still have so beautiful scenery, I am still others scenery, also in that part of the woods to find a secret channel, can go straight to the gate, with unknown little flower beside the path. Head against the window watching the sun sink into the cloud yi xin co. , LTD
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