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Reverse reverse umbrella, umbrella, folding umbrella, umbrella rainy day can also meimei da you!

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-31
You little fo partners ~ is it get drunk with this several days of heavy rain and stressful dalai? To comfort you injured little heart yi xin to send welfare make! ! ! 10/1 - — 10/7 in yi xin online 'clip doll' the small game ~ that have access to yi xin special customized! ! ! Young girl heart exploded explosion! ! ! Small pure and fresh and stripe against online 'clip doll' umbrella, thousands of gift is waiting for you to enter the yi xin official WeChat backstage click on the 'recent activity' into 'yi xin doll machine' to participate in the first prize in yi xin special limited edition is pure and fresh and stripe weather the joker contracted and pure and fresh and stripe pattern summer closed umbrella you flip design no longer afraid of any shape innovation 'bump' umbrella! Mood also stick the dalai second prize INS with rainy day flamingos two-piece flamingos cup & little pure and fresh and hair band is afraid of sun cannot bully screen circle of friends? Dang ~ dang ~ dang dang ~ with their sunken modelling take all no problem! Third prize the design of the portable cotton portable small kind close to explode! Summer vacation coming trip or just to go to girlfriends house overnight make-up bag -- Max yi xin close umbrella rental service before you eat to go around the sun is shining also has a downpour after come out? We provide considerate umbrella rental service yo ~ from now on to quanzhou yi xin trading co. , LTD. Headquarters can lease inverted umbrella tips: yi xin exclusive custom rain umbrella rental return to pay the deposit as long as no damage umbrella will refund the deposit within the next are likely to spell within days but could not prevent summer vacation to go out scampering heart! Open yi xin home reverse umbrella you are super beautiful fashionable goblins in the rainy day
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