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Reverse umbrella, auto reverse umbrella, umbrella, traditional cars surrounding derivatives Inverted umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-24
The current transport is multifarious, land run, water fly, fly in the sky. 。 。 Each traffic tools are convenient travel. In the car is the most common of these vehicles, is also the most people to use; Therefore also derived a lot of automotive peripheral products, such as auto reverse umbrella. Driving in rainy day is convenient for people, not be rain; But when boarding umbrellas are inevitable. Traditional umbrella support charge if will get wet when getting on or off to myself. Auto reverse umbrella is designed for motorists end to this problem, it greatly saves the driver friend open space of the umbrella. And after the auto reverse umbrella closed umbrella, because of its special design, the rain will not on the surface, so it will greatly avoid wet trousers or file.
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