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Reverse umbrella, capsule umbrella, shenzhen residents travel is multifarious shelter

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-21
Your friends all know that recently the weather is always cloudy, at any time there is a rain poured down, I can see all kinds of shelter on the road, rain gear, to share with you about it now. Seem to not open an umbrella, also have to prepare ship, ha ha, otherwise static feeling! Water into the river, travel is very inconvenient and big umbrella, holding his trousers, slowly go on. Motorists can't slack off, a reverse umbrella has long been ready, get in the car out of the car is not wet bring big umbrella travel too much trouble, also prepared a mini capsule umbrella, only a little larger than apple mobile phone, you can't feel it in your bag, the weight of the girl like you way of shelter is a special skill, and fully estimated can't find the second man, is not afraid of people want to slanting yao to see so many way of shelter and rain gear, you should be an eye-opener, don't know how you normally shelter? Choose what kind of rain gear? An umbrella as an important component of China umbrella base, relying on excellent quality and good workmanship, and the pursuit of better quality requirements, to obtain the customer's wide acclaim at home and abroad. But do you really understand the umbrella? The quality of the umbrella is a good? Not always, any place, also has its good and bad are intermingled of factory, because of different choice. But in yi xin, quality first, service second, third, the price to achieve win-win interests, we have been efforts, we hope our umbrellas.
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