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Reverse umbrella customization, umbrella, reverse umbrella is custom find the to a permanent cooperation

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-10
Inverted umbrella is more popular in recent years, the daily gift! Creative light the world, science and technology change life, this umbrella to change your habits, with an umbrella in 3000. City yi xin inverted umbrella provides professional customization, welcome consulting. Rainy day special trouble, no doubt, there are three reasons: 1. Wet a man's umbrella in the crowded subway transit unavoidably wet clothes, others are very embarrassed; 2. High winds blow the wind, umbrella base can say byebye. 3. Getting umbrella didn't drive away, when man is already wet a little car, heavy rain for removing water directly. Now you don't have to worry about in this embarrassing situation! Reverse open umbrella design: clean, dry cloth after closing umbrella is on the outside, the rain tightly wrapped inside, in a crowded on the bus or the subway without fear of wet side embarrassment caused people's clothing. Or only need small aperture can perfect open/closed umbrella, maximum keep the car as well as the personal and dry. Windy weather don't have to worry about no matter how umbrella blown over the umbrella 'killed' cannot be used because it is inverted umbrella. What is the need to be aware of the inverted umbrella custom? 1. Carbon fiber, reverse design innovation, carbon fiber from rusting, eradicate the root of wind effect is stronger. 2. In carbon fiber bar, 11 hydraulic process modelling, concave and convex design maximum increase overall stability. 3. 190 t double touch endowment cloth, light water repellency, thin and opaque, break traditional thick waterproof traditional ideas. 4. Rubber paint handle, feel is exquisite, acme type curved handle is suitable for a variety of life scenes, C type handle to release the hands. 5. Wear-resisting rubber umbrella tip, and increase the security of the thunderstorm weather to go out, the umbrella can stand. 6. The most important point: inverted umbrella which custom looking for? Choose yi xin! Professional high-grade inverted umbrella customized solution for the customer.
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