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Reverse umbrella, double inverted umbrella, inverted umbrella, choose inverted umbrella, come together walking in the rain

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-19
Summer evening, always brings a sense an unexpected rain. Few people will to salute to gene kelly, dance in the pouring rain. Even those who read astrology and rational people, often the 'wet' at this time. Please don't complain about the weather, blame the playlet, so late to send an umbrella to you. ' 。 。 。 。 Yi xin double inverted umbrella this is traditional and it is a collection of functions and design of the umbrella. It instead USES the inverted umbrella surface shrinkage design, reduces the movement technology difficulty of umbrella fold. In most scenarios, you can easily shrink an umbrella and not get wet. Such as the use of traditional umbrella, umbrella to pack up in advance to enter when you board the car, but it does not need to charge umbrella can easily get on the bus ahead of time. With wet umbrella surface often wet the car floor mat, but when it is folded up dry face is outside. Its subversive also reflect on the human skeleton design. First of all, the skeleton of the leakage technology is the perfect combination of human body engineering mechanics and dynamics, thus to realize the umbrella way of reverse curl. And node umbrella technology is by controlling the contraction ratio and quantity in order to reduce the wear and tear, skeleton to improve the service life of the umbrella. With umbrella cloth made of nanometer material, broke the traditional heavy to waterproof. Adopts double umbrella surface structure, not to rain a little chance. Umbrella outside and inside, choose the elegant color black and red agate, is appearance. Design and super function to the extreme, ensures that you in the rain, as well as grace as usual! Color changing umbrella this is a can give you a long folding umbrella. Dotted with umbrella surface with a special humor printed white rain patterns. Umbrella hold up out in the rain, in it for you at the same time, offered shelter umbrella surface pattern can awaken with rain, thus showing multicolored colour, as if the rain did not stop, you hold up a rainbow. High reflective nocturnal umbrella summer a lot of rain in the evening, the road of reduced visibility, increase the risk of travel. Popular in Europe and the United States of Suck UK design team for this sight, has devised a 'high reflective nocturnal umbrella'. Umbrella surface USES the reflective material with waterproof ability, in the dark rainy night, like a beacon, and traffic reminder notice you. Hold up such a cool reflective umbrella no matter go to where, you will be a focus. Waiting for the rain umbrella life fate. Walked with the umbrella even the rain has stopped, you don't want to put it to
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