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Reverse umbrella, double inverted umbrella, inverted umbrella, Germany original model of the third generation of double inverted umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-20
Germany, the original import of the third generation double inverted umbrella, German export, 30 days without reason return, warranty and lifetime without reason, you're worth it. The engineer uncle called Jenan Kazim, he also encountered in the process of using an umbrella we common problem: step into the house from the heavy rain, fold umbrella, all the earth is water. 。 。 。 。 。 As a result, he couldn't help but to accompany the human in 3000 and modelling the same umbrella question: why should we insist on using this defective product? Then, the uncle of engineer's whim to design the perfect new umbrella - — KAZbrella ! So what this umbrella solves the problem? We take a look at: 1. You don't have to worry about wetland board! KAZbrella used is called the 'Inside Out' design, umbrella open way is just the opposite with the traditional umbrella, and in close together, the umbrella layer ( The dry layer) Will contact with the outer layer of the rain outside, will be in it. Benefit from such a small design, we are in the closed umbrella, there is no rain hand touch layer, so that you can guarantee the clothes and the floor clean. 2. Rainy days out, refused to get wet! Similarly, it is also because KAZbrella it new open umbrella design, drivers can be said to be the biggest benefit from the crowd. Usually we hop on and off on a rainy day, no matter what we take to avoid, when open closed umbrella will run into a dilemma 'umbrella' small big door, and with the effect of the wet clothes. But KAZbrella lets you easily to avoid the above situation, wet umbrella in the car inside also is not afraid of the car. 3. In the crowd freely open umbrella! Because of the way KAZbrella it novel unique open umbrella, we don't have to worry about use umbrella to others in the crowd, say sorry assiduously. 4. Strong ability to resist the wind! Believe that everyone here has over in the storm, the umbrella was blown over the embarrassment of experience. But! KAZbrella solved this problem! As KAZbrella is blown over, you only need to click the open button of umbrella, can make the umbrella. Not only that, KAZbrella umbrella shaft is made of aviation level of aluminum, the spokes ( The support frame) Consists of glass fiber, and the double umbrella canopy is sprayed can breathe materials waterproof coating. This gives KAZbrella wind resistance ability stronger and powerful guarantee. In addition, uncle in product video to we passed a rich philosophical word: It is in our nature as human beings to improve things. Translation is: 'to improve things, is our human nature. 'You will be asked the German creative double inverted umbrella where can buy quanzhou yi xin trading co. , LTD.
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