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Reverse umbrella, folding umbrella, inverted umbrella, don't think rain wet with inverted umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-18
Recently ushered in the southern plum rains season for days not only keep the rain clothes quilt not drying out walked with an umbrella also easy to pour into a drowned rat, this period small white black technology will recommend you a hot style shop mall yi xin inverted umbrella in the rainy day, make sure you don't get wet umbrella, all the year round is inseparable from the traditional tools umbrella has many let the hearts of water into the room when the umbrella will wet the floor more irritated by bus on a rainy day umbrella big door is small, the clothes get wet at once when the storm umbrella blown up the umbrella open way is just the opposite with the traditional umbrella reverse when opening the umbrella away from inside to outside contact with the outer layer of the rain is in when we were in the closed umbrella, thanks to this design is hand touches without rain side so that you can guarantee the clothes and the floor clean and relaxed when yi xin inverted umbrella is blown over you only need to click on the button open closed umbrella can make rehabilitation umbrella umbrella shaft is made of aviation level of aluminum support frame is composed of glass fiber umbrella peng spray waterproof coating can breathe material guarantee ability to resist wind fine traditional umbrella needed corner yi xin inverted umbrella on the umbrella adopted flat hat umbrella button to open the umbrella on the ground and can stand directly in addition to subvert our design idea in detail and quality also give full consideration to the user experience, such as using a simple switch push-pull type double umbrella surface structure, etc. And on the market it absolutely is the king of cost performance than a conventional umbrella
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