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Reverse umbrella, folding umbrella, inverted umbrella, inverted umbrella is by the Jenan Kazim's invention

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-18
1, worm drive can only forward drive reverse locked or its driving wheel and driven wheel are not interchangeable, but exist in the transmission process due to its structural characteristics of axial force transmission efficiency is low; 2, when the gear drive can is inverse transmission driving wheel and driven wheel interchangeable; 3, compared with gear transmission, the power transmission ratio between 8 ~ 100, the transmission ratio can reach 1000 in dividing mechanism; Transmission is very smooth, noise is low; 4, under certain conditions can realize the advantages of self-locking and widely used, worm transmission efficiency is low, the calorific value and wear is very serious, worm gear ring part often use good antifriction performance non-ferrous metals ( Such as bronze) Manufacturing; 5 is vertical shaft, worm gear drive, cylindrical gear as the spirit of the umbrella. Reverse is an innovation of traditional umbrella, umbrella inverted umbrella is mainly through the door into the advantages of the car can easily accept an umbrella and not get wet, the house will not trickle down in the water on the umbrella, can clean the floor man Jenan Kazim designed the folds and can prevent the rain flow to the floor of the new umbrella, it is from open above, costs about 45 pounds ( $75) Or so, it will rain collection into an umbrella. Another umbrella shelf problem also got very big, this umbrella is not opened from below, it was open on it. The original idea is to subvert the traditional design, in order to let the umbrella when away more convenient and quick. But it took him some time to think about the specific process. Mr Kazim said: 'many years ago, he held an umbrella over/above her mother-in-law went back to the house, she put the umbrella like ordinary umbrella stand there, get a floor water'. 'I am a professional engineer, my professional spirit will make me think of the method to solve the problem. 'the initial idea is to subvert the traditional design, also won't touched the rain.
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