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Reverse umbrella, folding umbrella, inverted umbrella, inverted umbrella is practical and affordable

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-13
Umbrella, believe that every life is inseparable from where it will rain, since the childhood used umbrella to estimate oneself also countless. However, traditional umbrella where there are always a few let me special mad: rainy days into the room fold umbrella, the rain began to follow the umbrella head drop to the floor, love the floor three seconds ~ more irritated by bus on a rainy day, open closed umbrella when will run into the plight of 'umbrella' small big door, every time get on the bus and the umbrella struggled the most awkward don't know if you have met, when the storm of the umbrella is easy to be blown over, and even the entire frame was blown off, then there is no then. . . today I bring a rain artifact - — The process of reverse folding umbrella KAZbrella, said it was born - the 61 - year - old uncle Jenan Kazim noticed the defects of traditional umbrella. As an aerospace engineer he for professional sensitive abrupt fantasy: could it be umbrella design what is the problem? Uncle said, 'to improve things, is our human nature. 'In the face of the traditional shortcomings of umbrellas Kazim sit still, using his knowledge of mathematics application and precision engineering knowledge he began in the traditional umbrella brand new upgrade. 【 Reverse open umbrella 】 Umbrella of open mode is just the opposite with the conventional umbrella, reverse open umbrella from inside to outside. In traditional furled, umbrella layer, dry layer inside, and inverted umbrella dry layer, outside contact with the outer layer is in the inside of the rain. Thanks to this design, we are in the closed umbrella, hand touch the side there is no rain, so that you can guarantee the clothes and the floor clean. 【 Refused to wet 】 Inverted umbrella lets you easily avoid the dilemma of 'umbrella' big door small wet umbrella into the inside also is not afraid of the car. Rainy days out, refused to get wet, drivers should applaud for this design. 【 Keep the gentleman 】 In the crowd freely open the umbrella. Because of KAZbrella unique open umbrella way, we don't have to worry about when people with umbrellas to others, say sorry assiduously. 【 Strong ability to resist wind 】 Believe that everyone here has over in the storm, the umbrella was blown over the embarrassment of experience. But! ! ! Is! ! ! KAZbrella perfectly solved this problem! When KAZbrella is blown over, you just need to press the open button of umbrella, can make the umbrella. Not only that, KAZbrella umbrella shaft is made of aviation level of aluminum, the spokes ( The support frame) Consists of glass fiber, and the double umbrella canopy is sprayed can breathe materials waterproof coating. This has given the ability to resist wind KAZbrella provides a more powerful safeguard. 【 Can stand 】 Traditional umbrella requires in the corner, inverted umbrella simply on the ground can stand on its own, because the umbrella adopted a flat umbrella cap, open the umbrella buckle on the ground, directly can stand. Inverted umbrella easily avoided in life this little embarrassed, deeply loves the life you must not miss it. In addition to subvert our design idea, in detail and quality also give full consideration to the user experience, such as the simple switch push-pull type, double umbrella surface structure, etc. High technology content, price will be unkind to such human umbrella? Yo are sold in quanzhou yi xin trading co. , LTD. , and on the market it absolutely is the king of cost performance than a conventional umbrella.
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