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Reverse umbrella, folding umbrella, inverted umbrella, inverted umbrella let you umbrella is so cool

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-22
Today, in the company heard friends go poking fun at this week's weather, cool not to talk, the sun came out a few days, and to go back for a week, with six days of rain, the first reaction is the wet body and always do the 'fat'. But honestly held an umbrella over/above her on the road, the upper part of it is not difficult to keep dry, wet moment occurred in the closed umbrella every time at the moment. Umbrella is greater than the door the door were embarrassed umbrella card outside the door, you must first accept the umbrella has was caught in the rain for four or five seconds in the same way that take the door again charge umbrella, first to get on the car if you drive 1 million suvs also can't keep dry Stupid! An umbrella will get wet it a very unreasonable thing! Since the umbrella was invented more than 3000 years have passed, but it is nobody's business had to learn English road sees rough a roar of rotting the Kazim uncle invented the 'reverse folding umbrella' this uncle a see be PangMaiLang iron powder 'reverse fold' appear to stand outside the umbrella of gone advanced house closed umbrella again. Almost 666 closed umbrella in the rain of a layer in the inside, dry layer hand contact is not in the rain outside side, also need not worry about the rain along the flow to the hands wet umbrella cloth sleeve and the rain is too big to explain the black face in the rain in. Who does not get wet seat again bring ordinary umbrella into wet my 1 million SUV car lanes leather seats I perish together with his reverse charge umbrella another advantage is that don't have to worry about the rain dozen umbrella chuo blind people eat melons eyes even wu3 da4 lang2 can hold up one day in the crowd put freely is opening an umbrella beside the great the party after you don't have to pay dues' and so on. Give me a second time to a key to alleviate embarrassment for such coquettish man met such a unique way of open and close an umbrella on a rainy day stood in the doorway of crazy open umbrella, umbrella play handsome, liao younger sister.
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