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Reverse umbrella, folding umbrella, inverted umbrella, inverted umbrella production process

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-30
Inverted umbrella production first step: proofing, as do big goods reference standard, normal common inverted umbrella proofing time 3 days, special inverted umbrella could be a week or so. Reverse umbrella production step 2: umbrella factory after receiving the deposit, arrange to prepare material: reverse umbrella, inverted umbrella fabrics, inverted umbrella handle, with the rest of the inverted umbrella accessories. If you need to the guest designated cloth color, off-season cloth time about 12 days, 15 - season 25 days. In reverse umbrella making process, the custom is the longest inverted umbrella fabrics, if in existing cloth color to choose, so preparation time will be a lot faster. Inverted umbrella production step 3: umbrella cutting, large cutting cloth can be arranged to normal after the next day, and then arrange the edge, then a small cutting. This time the more the longer the time, generally the fastest can finish cutting cloth, if number is larger, more open cloth while printing, time waits for no. Step 4: reverse umbrella production umbrella printing. Good is good, you can start printing, normal in about three days or so, if the quantity is big and busy season, the time may be longer. In the process of production sometimes useful to complement it. Inverted umbrella production step 5: close, it is the printed triangles together with one piece of electric sewing machine, including multi-topping, jujube, inverted umbrella production after the third step and fourth step is to have, namely inverted umbrella printing normally in front of the inverted umbrella close to some of our guests, thought the umbrella is done well in it, but it is not so. Inverted umbrella production step 5: play bead, umbrella. Inverted umbrella bead before end is a grain of grain by hand sewing, efficiency is very low, now most of the inverted umbrella factory machines play bead, done quickly, but the bead tail sometimes have off like now. Of course, these fall bead tail are as individual as now. Seam umbrella, now there are some start directly with machine semi-automatic seam, but currently only heaven umbrella started mass production folding umbrella, this kind of stitch, straight rod umbrella more at present. Most of the umbrella factory, or choose sewing by hand. Such a firm. Usually takes about 3 days time, quantity, time will be extended accordingly. Inverted umbrella production step 6: umbrella head umbrella, folded umbrella, into the plastic bag, packing into the box. Normally available in about 2 days. If above time a a together, do the goods time is very long, actually do reverse umbrella is to integrate these time, may be on the open arrange people at the same time when I was in the printing, printing and then you can arrange one umbrella over, time to integrate down, fast 5 days or so, slower 15 20 days, the specific time on the specific quantity to arrange. If the export orders, usually requires a special, two months to do goods in four months.
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