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Reverse umbrella, folding umbrella, inverted umbrella, inverted umbrella put an end to the rain

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-28
Umbrella use after the top is the rain, in my hand is not very convenient, is also easy to wet clothes, but someone came up with a novel idea, is a time when receive the umbrella into fold outward, contrary to other ways of umbrella tucked inside. Don't see is a change of direction, so that when you receive the umbrella dry inside will be outside, by wet side will be hidden to the inside and not get wet. The reverse design of folding umbrella represents the design concept of new upgrade. While folding umbrella looks like ordinary umbrella very much the same, but it has solved the problem of the rainy day haunt us for thousands of years is the owner for artifact, rainy days in also need not worry, the convenient and concise! What are you waiting for? Under this umbrella but yi xin so far sales champion! Inverse folding umbrella? Yes, usually under the umbrella is zhang of Shanghai, and KAZbrella reverse umbrella is on zhang of the wind is not bad! Stylish atmosphere, rain for you, the absolute quality of choice. The particularity of yi xin double reverse folding umbrella wholesale umbrella, basically have the following design: 1. Double block umbrella, umbrella cloth is more beautiful, double sunshade rainproof; 2. Net yarn design is effective eduction in remnants of the two layers of umbrella cloth, make open umbrella is more smooth, adorn the umbrella of the beautiful sex at the same time; 3. Using C shape rubber paint the handle design is more practical, more comfortable; Inverted umbrella is not only a specialized research and development for the car. On the frame structure of the traditional also made some changes and innovation of the introduction of the double umbrella cloth and in the closed umbrella when the surface is wet umbrella cloth will be clever folded inside and originally in the inside of the dry surface has turn to the outer finally invented a completely subverts the traditional backward folding umbrella. The baby adopted reverse open new way, more save space, put an end to the rain. Carry never sticky wet clothes, can alone. Put an end to wet his beloved car act the role ofing and high-grade floor. More than double umbrella design, prevent bask in, double skeleton, reverse design more can withstand strong wind storm, put an end to the trumpet. Double Daisy back long umbrella handle this baby double umbrella cloth, perfectly conceal umbrella in the umbrella cloth.
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