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Reverse umbrella, folding umbrella, inverted umbrella, inverted umbrella warm very sweet

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-29
We will usher in the rest of the summer rain season rounds of continuous rain, I want to say to the rain you enough? Why can't you heaven? Although you was originally from heaven you destroyed my appointment undermined the modelling of me! Rain was dripping wet my car and my body even if the rain into the car and may let my car with the bacteria produce a nasty! I have artifact oh handsome! It is next to the heavy rain will not wet to car magic umbrella! Walked with oiled paper umbrella wanders in the long long alone and lonely rain lane misty rain in succession the girl picture of jiangnan cloves as super beauty have yet to receive an umbrella indoors or slightly do not pay attention to the car, wet the face will get wet together them to catch up with the evil wind blowing like the misty flip is a little fragile norm the umbrella is fracture points minutes ah but the yi xin inverted umbrella absolutely completely overturned the cognition of the umbrella you this umbrella it adopted a very unique design of umbrella is completely exposed to the outside so it is, in turn, use an umbrella on the open oriented reverse umbrella is the most convenient closed umbrella when wet the surface inside the side that is covered with rain never wet your clothes and put the umbrella on the return air again big also is not afraid of the outside have also inside out and then ask you where to turn after yi xin reverse folded umbrella can also firmly on the ground have to do is put it on the spot completely outside the hands free umbrella is 60 cm the length of the total weight only 340 grams, though cannot be folded but also very light and a variety of beauty and simple color, fruit the little girl was accused of not a few although I already have ah yi xin reverse umbrella but nice girlfriend a gift umbrella of harmonics but scattered the master don't conveniently send umbrella or you will kneel to a rub garment board I really fuck broken heart for you happiness
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